In this blog, blog about why you planted a plant and what type of plant you planted! Thanks for your help because Earth cannot do this alone! P.S: Only blog about what you did for July's project in this blog! Don't add any extra posts! And you can only blog ONCE in this blog!
Lobo and Bolo
In this blog, blog about what you are going to do this Summer, what you have done, or what you want to do! Or just blog about Summer 2012 in general! Summer 2012 is the Summer to remember!

I shared my Secret Confessions on my "Me, Myself, and I" page! now it is time to share yours!
(only if you would like to)




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It's Summer time! This meaNS NO SCHOOL AND ALL FUN! So what is your fav thing to do during the summer?

In this blog, blog about why and how you did June's project for Project Earth!



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In this blog I want you to tell me your fav sport!
In this blog just be RANDOM!?!?!